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High School Students Create Mural for Fire Department

The mural consists of 13 panels of paintings.

This year, Ladue Fire Department Chief Steve Lynn asked if any high school students would be interested in creating a mural for Firehouse #2 on Clayton Road. Art teacher Daniel Raedeke took his Painting 2 class to the Firehouse in March, and the students talked with members of the team, took pictures and researched the history of the department.

The mural that the students created is below and is comprised of 13 panels. It consists of paintings by the following student artists: Kate Abreu (10), Caitlin Cunningham (12), Kourtney Hay (11), Sophie Isaacs (11), Shale Kennedy (10), Simone Liu (10), Marni Oberman (12), Lillian Ohlsen (11), Ni-ne Rengsomboon (11), Jeri Rhodes (12), Paw Say (10), Meghan Sheldon (12) and Grace Steinback (10).

The students enjoyed collaborating on this project and dedicate this mural to the selfless service and personal courage of the members of the Ladue Fire Department.

A special thanks also to Darin Farrell and our Ladue Schools maintenance staff for assisting with the installation.