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Spanish Teacher Haydee Taylor-Arnold Selected for Study Abroad Scholarship

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Congratulations to LHWHS Spanish teacher Haydee Taylor-Arnold for being chosen to attend a study abroad program this summer!

Haydee is a member of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). Every year, the organization offers summer study abroad scholarships to study in several Spanish-speaking countries (Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Perú).

Haydee was selected to participate in the course “Spanish Language Varieties and Spanish as a Heritage Language for Spanish Teachers from the United States and Canada” offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Embassy of Spain.Profile photo of Haydee Taylor-Arnold

This course will be held from July 2- 21, 2018, at the renowned “Universidad de Salamanca” in Salamanca, Spain. It will examine “the unity and diversity of the Spanish language, focusing on different geographical varieties. It will also analyze the features and needs of heritage speakers, who are exposed to their mother tongue for long periods of time but lack the linguistic and communicative skills of the native speaker”.

“I hope I can see important landmarks and collect authentic resources,” Haydee says. “I am very excited about this opportunity, because it will provide valuable information about the varieties of the Spanish language and how to develop/modify curriculum that best meets the needs of our Heritage speaker students at Ladue.”