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Ladue Football Excels Despite No Home Field Advantage

Player Andrew Hunt has the ball during the Missouri Class 4 State Championship. Photo by Randy Kemp, Post-Dispatch.

Check out this article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the tenacity of the Ladue Schools football team! Though we haven’t had the home field advantage the past few years during construction on the high school, that hasn’t hindered our players’ ability to hammer out the wins.


Here’s an excerpt:

“The backbone of Ladue’s recent success has been its team mantra of “11 Strong.” The Rams adopted the motto two seasons ago and it stuck. Tarpey said it has filtered through the program, so much so that it’s the players, not the coaches, who regulate each other at workouts and practice.

‘The accountability the kids have towards each other,’ Coach Mike Tarpey said. ‘The kids we have buy in, they want to work, they want to be coached and when you get them to be accountable to each other it’s what I think has allowed our program to be successful.'”