Extracurricular Activities Students

High School Students Help Elders with Electronics

The TEE students posed for a photo with the older generation.

Students from the high school visited Our Lady of Life, an independent living center for senior residents, to assist their senior residents with everything electronic, from basic computer usage to Facebook and YouTube.

At the event, students Ashna Chali (10), Anna Reis (10), Camille Yang (11), Cindy Wang (11), Diora Ton (10), Marina Sha (10), and Max Yue (12) successfully helped many senior residents feel more comfortable with their devices. Over the course of two hours, the seven students tutored the seniors one-on-one, answering any and all of the elders’ questions about technology.

As a part of the Teach Elders Electronics Club (TEE) at the high school, these students visit retirement centers and community centers to help the older people in our community feel more comfortable with technology. For seniors, the rapid advances in technology can be difficult to keep up with. Therefore, with the guidance of computer science teacher Dr. John Pais, members of TEE spent numerous hours planning and preparing an event at Our Lady of Life to help bridge the technological gap between generations.

“Being able to actually help other people in the community was so rewarding,” student Cindy Wang said. “The best part of this experience were the connections we made and the stories we shared with the senior residents.”