Former Choral Music Teacher Now Mayor of Clarksville

Stock photo of colorful music notes.

Former Ladue Schools teacher Jo Anne Smiley has been the mayor of Clarksville, Missouri, since she was first elected to the position in 2005. She was re-elected in 2013.

Jo Anne grew up in southeast Missouri, where she cultivated a love of music from a young age. She spent 30 years teaching choral music in the Ladue School District. Check out her biography here! An excerpt is below:

“In her career, Jo Anne has been a soloist, piano teacher, and choral director in school, community, and church. She was an active member of area, state, and national professional music organizations. She served as a clinician and adjudicator for music festivals, and a presenter at conventions, speaking extensively on the importance of music education for the future of our society. Jo Anne has worked in Theatre as a director, actor, musician, and producer. She spent 30 years as a teacher of Choral Music in Ladue Public Schools, St. Louis, Missouri.”