Academics Building Recognition Spoede Elementary Students

Spoede Students Interview Dr. Jahnke to Learn More About the Superintendent Search

Spoede Elementary fourth grade students in Tracy Ward’s classroom wanted to learn more about the search for a new superintendent for Ladue Schools. The group of students who take Genius Hour began with research. First, they developed the question:

“HOW are we going to find another Superintendent to replace Dr. Jahnke…. when we think she is the Moon and the Stars?”

Then, the class did some research to find out all that they could about the job and responsibilities of a typical superintendent and thought…. “What qualities matter to us as KIDS?”

Then, they thought: “What do we already know about Dr. Jahnke that can help us decide what qualities we want in a new superintendent?”

Finally, they created questions to ask Dr. Jahnke for an in-person interview. Last week, Dr. Jahnke visited their class during Genius Hour to answer their questions! Check out photos from the event below, or view the video by clicking here.