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Ladue High School’s Sparkle Effect Shines Nationally on Educate.Today

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Each year on the fourth Saturday of October, Americans celebrate National Make a Difference Day, a national day of community service. This year, as part of it’s commitment to making a difference, Educate.Today (HEC Media) invited Ladue Schools students to share how they are making a difference in their community.

Three members of Ladue High School’s Sparkle Effect chapter, Anya Tullman, Emerson Barnett and Lauren Vanlandingham, shared their excitement in making a difference through Ladue’s Sparkle Effect, an organization committed to inclusion and opportunity for all in the school community. Ladue Schools students Grace Hensley and Jenna Gold also provided Sparkle Effect video stories for this segment of the program.

“Making a Difference—Building School Community Through Inclusion: The Ladue High School Sparkle Effect Story” first aired on Educate.Today’s Thursday, Oct. 18 program for a day-long series of interactive programs celebrating the value, power, and outright joy of Making a Difference. You can watch the archived show by clicking here.