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Alumnus Returns to Speak on Impact of Athletics in the Collegiate Setting

Alumnus Brandon Common speaks to students about impact of sports in college.

Ladue Schools alumnus Brandon Common visited the high school on Friday, Nov.2, 2018, to speak to students in the Culture & Identity in Sports Literature classes. Brandon, Class of 2002, is now the Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life at Illinois Wesleyan University. He earned his Master’s of Education from Ohio University in College Student Counseling and Personnel Services, and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from U of Illinois Champaign.

He discussed his own experiences with the impact of sports in his life and the relationship athletics has with college applications, enrollment, and perceived academic status, as well as the general impact athletics has in the collegiate setting.

Check out the photos below! Also linked here is a short TED Talk Brandon gave back in February at his school.