Building Recognition Spoede Elementary

Ladue Schools Volunteer Recognized by St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Photo of Ray Potter's recognition in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Two Ladue Schools educators, Sarah Cockerline and Kathie Dolan, nominated volunteer Ray Potter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s featured area volunteers. Ray, who does community service through Oasis, works with students at both Ladue Schools and Clayton School District, along with the Litzsinger Ecology Center. He puts in countless hours into the Spoede garden, as well.

See Sarah’s comments below:

“Mr. Potter (as the kids call him) has volunteered in the Ladue and Clayton school districts for 25 plus years. Mr. Potter also volunteers at Litzsinger School. He has volunteered for more than 10 schools and has touched hundreds of kids’ lives because of it. Mr. Potter also volunteers his time helping with the Spoede School outdoor garden by watering, weeding and planting year round (in the heat and rain). In addition, Mr. Potter teaches lessons for Spoede’s outdoor learning classroom. He is the most dependable volunteer we have ever had. For a man in his 80s, he is an true example of what it looks like to keep on giving. We all love our Mr. Potter.”