Alumna Talks Jewelry, Environmentally-Friendly Practices

Photo of a piece of jewelry by Luci Estep.

Alumna Luci Estep was recently featured in Ladue News for her environmentally-friendly practices as a small business owner. Luci, Class of 1996, crafts handmade jewelry with recycled metal and unused gemstones and crystals. Not only does her way of doing business bypass negative environmental impact from mining, but it also offers the feel of a revival through each piece, a renaissance through practices.

“Some of my favorite projects involve old family heirlooms that were kept but never worn,” she told Ladue News. “I love to breathe life back into those family treasures.”

Luci currently sells her pieces through her Etsy shop, Ruby Pierce Jewelry, though she is working to build her own standalone website. To read Luci’s story about how she came to build her craft, read the article here.