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LMS Celebrates Black History Month With West African Dance

students play drums in west african program

Ladue Middle School had its first ever Black History Program on Thursday, Feb 21. It took place during a school-wide assembly and was a huge success. The program was a wonderful balance of poems and musical selections. The performances were extra special because the majority of the students have never presented in front of the entire student body. The finale of the program was the West African dancing and drumming by members of the Girls and Boys Affinity Groups at LMS. The finale was made possible by dance instructor, Mrs. Anoa Alimayu, who spent three weeks working with the dancers and drummers after school. It was members of the Affinity Groups who first expressed a desire to have a Black History Program. They felt that it was important to them as well as the LMS family to have a program celebrating black achievement. LMS teachers and the club sponsors Lauren Newsome, Christine Allen, and Theo Washington, along with Quentin Alimayu, supported and supervised the students in their efforts. The members began by making an appointment to meet with the principal to discuss their ideas. Once Principal Dr. Tiffany Taylor-Johnson gave them her blessings, the students began to plan what the celebration would look like. The program was engaging and enjoyed by both the students and staff members. It is anticipated that this will become an annual tradition at LMS.