Academics Ladue Horton Watkins High School

21 LHWHS Students Achieve Perfect ACT Score

Ladue Horton Watkins High School is honored to celebrate 21 students who earned a perfect score on the ACT exam. Students are scored on a scale of 1 – 36 on this college entrance exam utilized by many colleges and universities to make admissions decisions.

The average national composite score on the exam is 20.8 for 2018 and only 3,741 students, or 0.195% of students who took the exam earned a perfect score.

Top row: Max Kornfeld (12), Akhil Kondepudi (12), Gavin Giuliani (11), Jeremy Ouyang (11), Shelei Pan (11), Anna Zhong (11)

Middle row: Andrew Hunt (12), Trey Fruend (12), Nikol Nikolova  (12), John Madden (12), Seema Patil (12)

Bottom row: David Steiner (12), Cindy Wang (11), Kashish Dhawan (11), Matthew Shareshian (11), Egret Jin (12)

Not pictured: Akshay Govindan (12), Donovon Moore (12), Katherine Shaw (11), Anthony Wang (9),Jacqueline Zeng (12)