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Ladue Horton Watkins High School Talking Rams Win First Tournament of 2019-2020

The Talking Rams, the Ladue Horton Watkins High School speech and debate team, competed in their first tournament of the season at Oakville High School on Saturday, the 28th of September. The team placed first in sweepstakes at Oakville Autumn Congress!

The team members below placed in their chambers:
Josh Wolk (11) – 1st place
Ayush Ajmani (12) – 2nd place
Daniel Chayet (12) – 2nd place
Huamin Gao (11) – 2nd place
Ari Gottesman (11) – Permanent Presiding Officer
Anna Reis (11) – Permanent Presiding Officer
William Xie (11) – Permanent Presiding Officer
Melody Zhang (11) – Permanent Presiding Officer

Talking Rams pictured, include:

Front Row (L-R): Grace Hu (11), Tommy Hogan (11), Daniel Chayet (12), and Ayush Ajmani (12)
Second Row (L-R): Oviya Srihari (09), Aditi Navjith (09), Melody Zhang (11), and Chris Chen (10)
Third Row (L-R): Adi Agarwal (09), Phani Chintakunta (12), Anna Reis (11), Gabe DiAntonio (11), William Xie (11), Ari Gottesman (11), and Allen You (09)
Back Row (L-R): Zeru Marut (12), Bryson Liang (09), Huamin Gao (11), and Josh Wolk (11

A huge congratulations goes out to the entire Talking Rams team for an incredible start to the year!