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The Black History Month Creativity Challenge

Black History Month Challenge 2020

Black History Month - Join the Challenge


In honor of Black History Month 2020, the Ladue Schools are working to honor the contributions of amazing black Americans who have made, or are making, their mark in this world. From celebrating at assemblies to performances to opportunities where our high school students talk to our younger elementary students, Ladue Schools students and staff are constantly discovering new ways to learn, share and discuss black history.

This year, along with several additional educators in the area, Old Bonhomme  Elementary School Technology Integration Coach Patricia Brown introduced the Black History Month Creativity Challenge. This is a creative challenge for students, family and staff to all join in.

Each week, participants receive a workbook noting amazing black contributors to history. Partakers in the challenge are tasked with a question and a task to get creative with the answer. From poems to vidoes to songs, the responses are amazing! If you want to join in the fun or learn more, follow #BHMChallenge2020 #EveryoneCanCreate #AppleEDUChat. Let’s get creative!







#BHMChallenge2020 #AppleEduChat  #EveryoneCanCreate