LHWHS Students Discuss Events in Black History Through Art and Artifacts

Elizabeth Loynd (12) Talks About the Haitian Revolution with Second Graders

Artifacts from the Haitian Revolution

During this year’s Black History Month, a wonderful partnership took place between Ladue Schools. Ladue Horton Watkins High School teachers, Ashley Lock and Brandon Murray created a unique opportunity for all students in which high school students would teach their elementary peers about important moments and leaders in black history.

Ladue Horton Watkins High School (LHWHS) students enrolled in Black Studies would, for their final project last semester, create “Black History in a Box”. Students selected any topic from Black History and created a box with elementary students as the audience. The boxes contain primary sources, pictures, artifacts, maps, quotes, and other artifacts related to that specific moment in history. Four of the high school students have volunteered to present their boxes to our elementary students throughout the month of February for Black History Month. Teaching at the elementary schools were Elizabeth Loynd (12) who spoke about the Haitian Revolution; Nariah Moorer (11) who taught about the Underground Railroad; Cassie Beisheim (12) who talked about Girl Power; and Kalena Kalu (12) who discussed Resistance and Rebellion.

Although topics were important and often difficult to discuss, the high school students discussed these moments with elementary students in a way that encouraged questions, engagement and conversation amongst the younger students.