2017 Graduate Publishes Novel

Looking for a new book? Check out 2017 graduate T.J. Vincent (Teddy)’s recently published first novel, The First Wave: The Secrets of Achaea: Book I

While writing a research paper for a Classics course, Teddy got distracted when reading one of his sources – a segment on the city of Helike and how it was destroyed by an earthquake. Teddy wanted to learn more, but couldn’t find any additional literature. So, he wrote the book himself. 

Set in 373 BCE, the book tells the story of two cities of the First Achaean League and how they were allegedly “swallowed by the sea.”

“The biggest thing I learned from this was that there’s a lot of fascinating material and stories in basically every topic throughout history. I had never heard of Helike or the Achaean League, but there was enough interesting source material for me to build a world of characters inside it,” Teddy said.

It took Teddy about a year and a half to write the book after getting a solid draft going during a Creative Writing course. He kept his writing underwraps until it was published.

“I didn’t really tell anyone about it beforehand, which was a terrible marketing strategy, but the Beyonce-style album drop was a very fun morning of Facebook interactions for me,” Teddy said.

Teddy plans to write at least two more books in the young adult series.


You can purchase The First Wave: The Secrets of Achaea: Book I on Amazon.