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Ladue Senior Named Coca-Cola Scholar


Congratulations to Shelei Pan, a senior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, who is one of the 2020 Coca-Cola Scholars. The scholarship program recognizes 150 seniors who are leading positive change in their communities and around the world. The recognition includes a scholarship of $20,000, which Pan intends to use to pursue an education at Washington University.

The application process began back in September with some 93,000 other students across the country entering. 3 long essays, a couple short answers, and a Skype interview later, Shelei advanced to finals and was selected as a scholar in Early March. 

“I feel as though the application was really a process of reflecting upon my passion for medicine and childhood health and wellbeing, interests that have developed through my work with children at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the World Pediatric Project,” Shelei said.

Through volunteering, fundraising, and researching, Shelei has developed an interest in helping to ease the burden that families with children facing early medical adversity encounter.

Shelei hopes to study biochemistry or neuroscience in college, with a plan to become a pediatric neurosurgeon.