Justin Willman, Class of ‘98, Finds Magical Success on Netflix

Justin Willman, Ladue alum, promotes his Magician Starter Kit.

Looking for another binge-worth television show? Check out Ladue alum Justin Willman’s new season of “Magic for Humans.” With two seasons already up for viewing, the third season promises more magical antics. 

The series incorporates magic, comedy, and social experiments sans CGI or other camera assistance and promises hijinks for all ages. The new episodes were filmed in 2019 and will explore themes like self-care, fear, tradition and more. 

“Right now people are craving escapism, wanting something to watch and feel good about, something you can watch with your grandmother and kids.” Willman said in an interview for JC-TG

Willman’s “Magic for Humans” tour has been postponed for the time being. His date for The Pageant has been rescheduled to August 21.

In the meantime, Willman has been offering starter kits for beginning magicians on his website. Proceeds go to charity.

“I’m playing to the new medium and still blowing minds within these limitations and challenges and coming up with creative strokes. We were thrown a curveball, but it’s a curveball we’re able to handle.” Willman told JC-TG.

As a new father, Willman has been performing “Quarantined Magic Lessons” for his young son and viewers and posting them on social media. In nearly every video, 1 ½ year old Jackson spoils the bit.

Check out Willman’s quarantine magic on his Instagram.

For more information on Willman’s work, visit his website.

You can watch “Magic for Humans” now on Netflix.