Alumni Ladue Horton Watkins High School Students

LHWHS Incorporates New Distance-Learning Tech for Science Classes

Students at Ladue Horton Watkins High School are engaging in hands-on science labs at home, thanks to a new tool being used by teachers and one alum’s generosity.

The school recently began using Pivot Interactives, a catalog of interactive lessons that help students conduct science labs online from home.

LHWHS teachers use Pivot to create their own science labs and questions for students; they also can use labs created by other teachers in the community of Pivot users.

Students then access the lessons from home and are able to measure and manipulate data to learn scientific concepts.

The school’s Chemistry Department began using Pivot in August, but one LHWHS graduate allowed the school to expand its use to other courses.

Runpeng Liu, a 2013 alumnus, made a generous donation through the Ladue Education Foundation and Alumni Association which allowed the school to purchase Pivot licenses for all of its Biology and Anatomy and Physiology students as well.

Now, more than 700 students are able to benefit from the new online labs.

“Whether a student aims to pursue a career in STEM after high school, or is just being exposed to a chem/bio lab for the first time, no one deserves to be short-changed of a practical laboratory education,” Liu said in a letter to the LEF.

Even as students transition back into the classroom, teachers still will be able to use Pivot to supplement in-person learning in the future.

Click here to learn more about Pivot Interactives.