Fine & Performing Arts Students

LHWHS, LMS Musicians Receive State and Regional Recognition

Several musicians from both Ladue Horton Watkins High School and Ladue Middle School have been named to regional and state ensembles.

Nine LHWHS students were named to the All-State Orchestra, organized by the Missouri American String Teachers Association.

An additional 24 LHWHS students were chosen for the All-Suburban Honors Band.

Thirteen LMS students were named to the All-Suburban Middle School Honors Band and six others were selected for the All-Suburban Middle School Honors Orchestra.

The All-Suburban Band and Orchestra are organized by the St. Louis Suburban Music Educators Association.

Here is a full list of every student recognized:

All-State Orchestra

Daniel Xu, 1st chair
Rebecca Lang, 2nd
Micaela Chyu, 4th
Matthew Huang, 10th
Emily Shaw, 17th

Daniel Diringer, 7th
Bryson Liang, 9th
John Cramblit, 11th

Benjamin Wang, 7th


All-Suburban Honors Band

Daphne Levy, 2nd chair
Sarah Liao, 6th
William Xie, 8th

Catherine Liao, 4th chair
Katie Eisenman, 5th
Pema Childs, 6th
Lauren Xie, 9th
Alexander Ye, 23rd

David Ju, 3rd chair Alto Saxophone
Ben Weppler, 2nd chair Baritone Saxophone

Jake Hinz, 3rd chairJazz Trumpet
Anthony Wang, 6th chair Trumpet
Nathan Goldstein, 11th chair Trumpet
Roshen Chatwal, 1st chair French Horn
Tai Moore, 2nd chair French Horn
Bryce Bernstein, 1st chair Trombone
Kanishk Shanmugam, 1st alternate Baritone B.C.

Drew Eickel, 1st chair Percussion Opt. 1
Gramm Raedeke, 3rd chair Percussion Opt. 1
Jeremy Dahm, 2nd alternate Percussion Opt. 1
Jake Page, 1st chair Percussion Opt. 2
Alex Zhou, 2nd chair Percussion Opt. 2
Leif Schuster, 1st alternate Percussion Opt. 3
Alison Nieder, 2nd alternate Percussion Opt. 3


All-Suburban Middle School Honors Orchestra
Andy Dai, violin
Tykhon Shutov, violin
Arti Jain, violin
Michelle Jing, violin
Chloe Lang, viola
Margaret Leung, cello


All Suburban Middle School Honors Band
Celina Zhou, flute (5th chair)
Charles Randall, bassoon (1st chair)
Audrey Goldman, clarinet (11th chair)
Jin Zhang, clarinet (13th chair)
Glen Widjaja, trumpet (3rd chair)
Eric Fan, euphonium (2nd chair)
Kimmi Lin, percussion (1st chair)
Taariq Ahmed, percussion (4th chair)
Braedan Wallace, percussion (5th chair)
Jacob Gold, percussion (6th chair)
Amelia Drake, percussion (8th chair)
Grisham Ravindranath, jazz drum set (1st chair)
Hannah Hiken, jazz drum set (2nd chair)