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Ladue Schools Sweeps Missouri Science Olympiad

Both Ladue Middle School and Ladue Horton Watkins High School took home state titles in the 2021 Missouri Science Olympiad State Finals on April 10.

The high school competition featured 41 schools from across the state competing in 18 online tests covering a wide variety of science topics.

LHWHS had the highest score of all schools in 11 of the 18 events, and placed no lower than fourth in any event.

Students on the high school team include Arya Bhushan (11), Yuvan Chali (10), Ashna Chali (12), Harry Chen (12), Jason Ding (12), David Ju (10), Adi Kondepudi (11), Shriya Koneru (12), Will Pan (12), Marina Sha (12), Emily Shaw (10), Anthony Wang (11), Daniel Xu (11), Max Yang (10), and Eric Yin (12).

The middle school competition featured 37 teams, as LMS made an appearance in the Missouri State Finals for the 30th consecutive year.

The team took first place in 11 of 16 events and placed no lower than third in any of its events.

Students on the middle school team include Rayan Ali (8), Matthew Awad (9), Anderson Dai (8), Anjana Goli (8), Aditya Jain (9), Arti Jain (8), Michelle Jing (7), Steven Shaw (6), Miriam Steinberg (9), Rohan Suri (9), Alex Wang (7), Aric Wang (9), Franklyn Yang (8), Johnny Yao (8), and Anthony Zhao (7).

Special thanks to all of the coaches for both teams who helped prepare the students for success: Megan Baebler (alum), Mark Biernbaum, Michael Clay, Donna Matthews, Reva Davis, Kelly Hake, Karen Harris, Erin Leone, Martin Long, Elysabeth McCrary, Hugh McMonigle, Shelei Pan (alum), Lisa Stein, Ashley Strobel, and Stephanie Wilson.

You can learn more about the Missouri Science Olympiad here.