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LMS Art Teacher Paints Mural at Local School

Ladue Middle School art teacher Melshonda Lowe-Dobbins recently completed a mural at Brittany Woods Middle School in University City.

Lowe-Dobbins, a former student at Brittany Woods, was asked by building leadership to paint the mural in the front entrance of the school.

Click here to see the finished work.

She spent many hours over the course of two weeks painting the mural with the assistance of Brian Byrd, a former classmate of hers at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Lowe-Dobbins said her thought process for the mural was guided by a set of words she was given, including equity, liberation, love, ubuntu (humanity), and ujima (collective work and responsibility.)

“Overall, I wanted to create something that not only encompassed the feeling of the list of words we were given, but also create a piece that would still be relevant 10 years from now,” she said.

“A piece that would be welcoming and seen to represent everyone, a piece that would inspire all that walked through those doors to dive into a world full of possibilities.”

Lowe-Dobbins’ other artwork in the community includes a mural overlooking the football field at Northwest Academy of Law, a part of St. Louis Public Schools, on Riverview Blvd.