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Rhea Patney Leads Taekwondo Program with TASK

LHWHS senior Rhea Patney has combined two of her passions to make a lasting impact with TASK, or Team Activities for Special Kids.

Patney’s love of helping others and practicing Taekwondo led to the creation of a six-week Taekwondo program for TASK participants earlier this fall.

After volunteering with Fenton-based TASK for several years, Patney decided to create and lead the program; she is a third-degree black belt in the Korean martial art and currently is training to be a Taekwondo instructor.

Patney taught a group of 40 kids and young adults different martial arts forms, self-defense, balance exercises, stretches, and games.

Each athlete received a t-shirt and trophy for completing the course.

The Taekwondo program received plenty of positive feedback and is now on the way to becoming part of TASK’s full-time curriculum.

TASK is a nonprofit, year-round instructional sports program that provides athletic and social opportunities to kids with special needs.

To learn more about TASK, click here.