Fine & Performing Arts Students

LHWHS Students Named to All-Suburban Honors Bands

Nineteen Ladue Horton Watkins High School student musicians have earned a place on one of two All-Suburban Honors Bands.

The students won a blind audition as part of a competition against more than 400 other students from the area.

These students are now eligible to audition for Missouri All-State recognition next month.

The All-Suburban Honors Bands will perform at Kirkwood High School on Jan. 9, 2022

Honorees include:

All Suburban Concert Band
Sarah Liao, 3rd chair flute (10th grade)
Charles Randall, 2nd chair bassoon (9)
Gillian Hanley, clarinet alternate 1 (11)
David Ju, 2nd chair tenor saxophone (11)
Anthony Wang, 3rd chair trumpet (12)
Nathan Goldstein, 8th chair trumpet (11)
Roshen Chatwal, 1st chair French horn (12)
Tai Moore, 7th chair French horn (11)
Kate Goodman, French horn alternate 1 (10)
Bryce Bernstein, 1st chair trombone (12)
Kanishk Shanmugam, 2nd chair baritone (12)
Eric Fan, baritone alternate 1 (9)
Jake Goldman, tuba alternate 1 (12)
Drew Eickel, 1st chair percussion (12)
Lucas VonAllmen, 1st chair timpani (10)
Gramm Raedeke, 2nd chair timpani (11)
Alison Nieder, timpani alternate 2 (10)

All Suburban Jazz Band
Jake Hinz, 2nd chair trumpet (12)
Jacob Barnes, guitar alternate 2 (9)