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LHWHS Musicians Earn All-State Honors

Several LHWHS students have been selected as members of the All-State Band, All-State Orchestra, and All-State Jazz Band.

These students will represent LHWHS at performances at the Missouri Music Educators Association convention at Tan-Tar-A Resort in January.

This year’s honorees include:

All-State Band
Sarah Liao, 4th chair flute (10th grade)
Charles Randall, 4th chair bassoon (9)
David Ju , 2nd alternate tenor saxophone (11)
Jake Hinz, 1st chair trumpet Honorable Mention (12)
Kanishk Shanmugam, 3rd chair baritone Honorable Mention  (12)

All-State Orchestra
Matthew Huang, violin (11)
Mara Welch, violin (10)
Emily Shaw, violin (11)
Bryson Liang, cello (11)
Roshen Chatwal, 1st chair French Horn (12)
Tai Moore, 3rd chair French Horn (11)
Bryce Bernstein, 3rd chair trombone (12)
Drew Eickel, 2nd chair percussion (12)
Gramm Raedeke, 1st chair timpani (11)

All-State Jazz Band
Jake Hinz, 1st chair trumpet Honorable Mention