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District Honors Teachers of the Year, Retirees, Distinguished Service Staff

Ladue Schools recognized 21 outstanding employees on April 6, including the 2022 Teachers of the Year, retirees, and Distinguished Service Support Staff.

Mark Biernbaum, industrial technology teacher at Ladue Middle School, was named the 2022 District Teacher of the Year.

Biernbaum received a $1,000 award from the Ladue Education Foundation & Alumni Association for his contributions to the district and its students.

The honorees were as follows:

Teachers of the Year

  • Bridget Pogue, teacher, Ladue Early Childhood Center
  • Elizabeth Dalbey, music teacher, Conway Elementary
  • Caroline McGee, kindergarten teacher, Old Bonhomme Elementary
  • Kristen Reando, kindergarten teacher, Reed Elementary
  • Tricia Spratt, special education teacher, Spoede Elementary
  • Stacy Hood, counselor, Fifth Grade Center
  • Mark Biernbaum, Industrial Technology teacher, Ladue Middle School and overall District Teacher of the Year
  • Aly Levine, science teacher, Ladue Horton Watkins High School

Retirees (number of years with Ladue Schools in parentheses)

  • Sally Monaco, receptionist, Ladue Early Childhood Center (17)
  • Michael Woolfolk, Jr., custodian, Old Bonhomme Elementary (29)
  • Janice Davis, English Language Arts teacher, Ladue Middle School (32)
  • Hugh McMonigle, science teacher, Ladue Middle School (27)
  • Susan Pritchett, 8th grade special education teacher, Ladue Middle School (21)
  • Kevin Gallen, SSD paraprofessional, LHWHS (5)
  • James Goldwasser, social studies teacher, LHWHS (24)
  • Michelle Schmitt, Library Media Coordinator, LHWHS (17)
  • Trish Angelly, administrative assistant, Technology (21)
  • Rob Highfill, Director of Technology (28)

Distinguished Service Support Staff

  • Rita Hagen, business secretary, Conway Elementary
  • Chip Thomsen, District Facilities and Maintenance
  • Lynda Rater, accounting administrative assistant, LHWHS

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